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What's Included?
We are offering you an opportunity to order the premier tracking tool you’ll want to use during a game. This 100-page notebook is my “go to” tracking tool that I use alongside my game sheet. This notebook allows you to keep track of;
  • Your formation
  •  Key players to mark up 
  •  Systems of play
  •  Substitutions  
  •  Weather conditions 
  •  Field conditions (turf or grass)
By tracking these items, you are able to create your next training session to reinforce what went well and to fix the areas of struggle.
Which soccer coaches benefit from this notebook? Those who want-
  •  To track activity to see trends over time.
  •  To keep coaching notes organized. 
  •  To have a system you can replicate game to game. 
  •  To be able to focus more on the important aspects of the game knowing what to look for. 
  •  To remember the important things without stressing.
 "Excellent tracking tool! Helps me plan my next sessions."

- Brad Hauter , DePauw University Men's Soccer Coach
 "Fantastic Notebook! Helps me write down trends for the next time we play the opponent."

- Corey Brueggeman, Manchester College
"Great notebook for game day. Easy way to track the other team and the formation you played on that day. You can also track technical issues to address in the next practice (first touch, passing, receiving, defending, and finishing)"

- Glen Tourville, North Carolina State Women's Soccer 
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